Yadegar Asisi


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Checkpoint Charlie
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Living with the Death Strip

Yadegar Asisi wanted to reflect on the atmosphere and day-to-day life of 1980s Berlin in the shadows of the Berlin Wall, where the division had become a normal and accepted part of being in the city. In THE WALL, Asisi, who himself grew up in the GDR and lived in West Berlin after 1978, consolidates his everyday experiences in divided Berlin into a snapshot of the mood, which is then projected on a large scale.

The Panorama transports visitors to an autumn day in the Kreuzberg area of Berlin. The 1980s alternative scene is booming, where punks, squats, trailers and a petting zoo meet on the streets of SO 36, completely separate from life in Mitte and East Berlin – despite being just a stone’s throw away. The several-metre-wide death strip and its border fences separate east and west, FRG and GDR, capitalism and communism.

THE WALL highlights the daily routines of the divided city in numerous interweaving scenes and settings over a period of some 25 years. The accompanying music, which was composed by Eric Babak and features original quotes from politicians from the east and west, adds an auditory element to the experience – paired with diffuse lighting, lending a sense of seriousness and menace to the contemplative scenery.

More than a hundred photo motifs from the time of the Berlin Wall and of the day of the fall of the wall in 1989 serve as an introduction to the project in the first exhibition room.


More fascinating insights into the making of the project and Kreuzberg in the 1980s are offered in the exhibition magazine as well as in the short film "On Both Sides of the Wall" about Yadegar Asisi's personal experiences in divided Germany.

Composer for the panoramas by Yadegar Asisi

Since the pilot project, the panorama EVEREST, Yadegar Asisi has been working with the composer Eric Babak. The pianist and composer, born in Brussels and now living in London, started playing piano at the tender age of five years. Today, he is one of the most played composers in Europe. He has composed the music especially and exclusively for all the previous Asisi panoramas.

A major integral part of Eric Babak's work consists of harmonising the music in situ in the large Panorama room with the 360° image and the lighting in its day/night rhythm. For the general musical theme Babak develops for the panorama, individual scenes from the image are musically highlighted and acoustically assigned to the corresponding positions in the image. The productions with big orchestras and choirs in combination with everyday noises all enable the special atmosphere of the individual topic with its constant changes to be heard and experienced.