Yadegar Asisi


We are Studio Asisi - a team of specialists in art, architecture, design, film, art history and craft. We create the immersive art installations of Yadegar Asisi.

Fascinated by the representation of three-dimensional space on two-dimensional surfaces, Yadegar Asisi has developed his painting and drawing skills throughout his career to create his large-scale immersive projects. His 360° panoramas have been unique installations around the world since 2003, demonstrating his passion for spatial presentation and storytelling.

We strive to constantly expand the narrative spectrum of these projects. We believe that an emotional spatial experience in a group can be one of the most enduring human experiences.

Our content-rich and hyper-realistic projects are technically challenging. The skills of the team are complemented by strong partners, and the technical implementation of our content is constantly being improved and expanded.

Implementations in all forms of virtual reality are currently experimental and at a research and development stage. However, we are convinced that current and future technological leaps such as Cross Reality (VR, AR and MR), the Web3 or the Metaverse will significantly expand the mediation and accessibility of the worlds we create. But our projects will always and exclusively be content-driven.

Studio asisi

Mathias Thiel
Managing Director

Sebastian Oswald
Head of Communication

Bianca Wohlfromm
Project Management

Yvonne Schünemann
Project Coordinator

Vanessa-Julia Dietrich
Managing Assistance

Ginny Lehmann
Project Management

Matthias Meye
3D Project Management

David Hotz
3D Artist

Aixa Navas Valbuena
Media Architecture

Alexander Stiller
Matte Painting

Dona Asisi
Matte Painting

Annelie Saroglou
Photography & Matte Painting

Alexander Asisi
Matte Painting

Simone Bilgram

Fanny Thiel
Communication & Research

Denise Lüderitz
Print & Digital Media

Anke Pieritz
Accounting & Human Resources

André Pomp
IT Manager