Yadegar Asisi


The myth of the royal city of Saxony

Travel back to the heyday of Dresden under August the Strong and his successors. Experience the pulsating city during the Baroque period, brimming with life, grand festivals, and notable personalities, but also the darker sides and everyday life away from the glamour and myth.

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What did the city of Dresden look like in the 18th century? The exhibition tour leads through the biographies of the Saxon kings on the way to the panorama and, in addition to the history of the city, focuses on the zeitgeist and culture of the era. In addition to numerous views of the city by Bernardo Bellotto, who helped Yadegar Asisi to recreate the city in drawings, there are also original objects from the period and other installations.

At the centre of the exhibition is the 360° panorama of Baroque Dresden. This vivid condensation of an entire era captures the atmosphere of the city at the time, from its architectural splendour to the people of the era. From the tower of the Hofkirche, the view sweeps over the Elbe valley and the surrounding landscape, over squares and alleys with the Residenzschloss and the Zwinger, over churches and palaces to the Neustadt. Famous artists, scientists, the king and his entourage, ordinary citizens and historically significant scenes are woven into an overall picture that every visitor is free to explore.

Making Of

BAROQUE DRESDEN bears witness to Asisi's meticulous research and artistic vision. His intensive examination of the city's history and architecture began during his own studies in the 1970s and finally culminated in the first opening of his panorama exhibition in the Panometer Dresden in 2006. Since then, the exhibition has been revised several times, the panorama supplemented and reissued in 2012.

The work is the result of a multi-stage creative process spanning many years, from the first sketches to the design to the printing of the panorama and the light and sound staging of the exhibition. This detail-oriented approach is reflected in every part of the panorama and the accompanying tour and guarantees a precise and at the same time emotionally appealing representation of Dresden's past.

Embark on a panoramic journey that pays tribute to Dresden's cultural significance. “BAROQUE DRESDEN: The myth of the royal city of Saxony” invites you to immerse yourself in the past in this unique combination of art and history.


Past exhibition locations of BAROQUE DRESDEN

2006 – 2011
2012 – 2015
Since 2015 alternating with DRESDEN 1945


An accompanying book about Dresden’s history and the two panoramas – BAROQUE DRESDEN and DRESDEN 1945. The illustrated essays, articles and interviews delve into Yadegar Asisi’s concept.