Yadegar Asisi

Great Barrier Reef

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The Magical World of the Coral Reef

In the GREAT BARRIER REEF 360° Panorama, visitors get to explore the unique underwater world of the coral reef along the northern coast of Australia. The project was driven by Asisi’s fascination with the diversity and fragile complexity that exists under the surface of the ocean, a habitat that can only be perceived on closer inspection. On location, people can only discover this unique variety by diving into the water, but at the Panorama, viewers stay dry while getting a glimpse into this submarine world as it appears from below sea level.

With flowing shades of blue, azure and green, the panorama highlights the strange world of coral and sealife, particularly near the surface of the water illuminated by the fractured light of the ocean. The space depicts an area representing half the size of France. Prototypical natural habitats weave together in a way that they could not in real life as a result of long distances or varying depths. Asisi has created a hyperrealistic space that gives visitors a comprehensive overview of the entire coral reef for the very first time.

Asisi captured this underwater world over the course of several trips with the help of marine documentary filmmaker Ben Crop. The resulting thousands of underwater photos and collection of artistic sketches all contributed to the creation of the Panorama.

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The richly illustrated accompanying book for the GREAT BARRIER REEF panorama follows Yadegar Asisi on his diving trips in the Australian coral reef and discusses both his concept and the complex, endangered ecosystem.

Panorama music and soundscape by Eric Babak

From the pilot project EVEREST onwards, Yadegar Asisi is collaborating with the well-known composer and pianist Eric Babak. In close collaboration between the two artists, the impressive soundscape of the panoramas is harmonized directly in the exhibition space with the lighting patterns to create an atmospheric overall installation. Depending on the project, the productions use, among other things, large orchestras and choirs, but also minimalist synthesizer sounds in combination with everyday noises to make the special atmosphere of the themes audible and tangible in the constant change of panorama sequences.