Yadegar Asisi


The Fascination of the Tropical Rainforest

AMAZONIA is artist Yadegar Asisi’s hyperrealistic interpretation of the diverse geological creations that make up the tropical rainforest, depicted in an incredible level of detail. The cylindrical Panorama takes visitors on a journey through mountainous rainforests and river valleys, clearings and stretches of water, giant trees and an open canyon. From the middle of a dense green cosmos, a variety of exotic inhabitants slowly emerge from the environment, such as vibrantly coloured carnivorous plants, colonies of giant ants and indigenous populations hunting.

Asisi journeyed to the Amazon four times in order to take in the genius loci and develop the concept for the rainforest Panorama, resulting in tens of thousands of photos and countless sketches and watercolours that were used to create the artwork. The immeasurable diversity of the tropics and the complex symbiotic mechanisms of the ecosystem were a central motivation for Asisi. Visitors are immersed in the foreign world of the jungle – aided by a light installation that simulates day and night as well as a cascade of sounds composed especially for the exhibition by Eric Babak.

Past exhibition locations of AMAZONIA

2009 – 2013

2015 / 2016, 2019

2017 – 2020



The richly illustrated accompanying book for the AMAZONIA panorama takes readers on an expedition through the Amazon rainforest. Yadegar Asisi developed the first design ideas while conducting research in Brazil, as he discusses in the interview.

Composer for the panoramas by Yadegar Asisi

Since the pilot project, the panorama EVEREST, Yadegar Asisi has been working with the composer Eric Babak. The pianist and composer, born in Brussels and now living in London, started playing piano at the tender age of five years. Today, he is one of the most played composers in Europe. He has composed the music especially and exclusively for all the previous Asisi panoramas.

A major integral part of Eric Babak's work consists of harmonising the music in situ in the large Panorama room with the 360° image and the lighting in its day/night rhythm. For the general musical theme Babak develops for the panorama, individual scenes from the image are musically highlighted and acoustically assigned to the corresponding positions in the image. The productions with big orchestras and choirs in combination with everyday noises all enable the special atmosphere of the individual topic with its constant changes to be heard and experienced.