The Artist

Yadegar Asisi has been creating the biggest Panoramas in the world since 2003. Born in Vienna and raised in Saxony, he has lived in Berlin since 1979 where he holds a unique position as an artist who has transferred the 19th century historical Panorama into the digital age. In 1993, he rediscovered this art form while working on the exhibition "Sehsucht – The Panorama as a 19th century mass entertainment" in the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn. Since then, Asisi has continued to draw on the possibilities of this medium, making use of digital image processing to create a new affinity between photography and painting. The thematic diversity of his works ranges from cityscapes, via natural environments through to contemporary historical events. His works, with their three-dimensional effect of a simulation on a 1:1 scale, can be viewed as hyper-realistic art spaces.