The Rouen Panorama takes visitors on a trip into the late Gothic era at the onset of modern times. Contrary to popular belief, this epoch is not shown as a period of darkness and backwardness, but instead as an age of upheaval and shift towards the individual.

Here you can see the flourishing town of Rouen with its hustle and bustle of knights, citizens, craftsmen and peasants, the clergy and the nobility. The Gothic cathedral with its "Butter Tower", from which the scenery is revealed to you, stands for the era's radiant church architecture, which promises a light in the apocalyptic "darkness" of the Middle Ages. The Panorama also examines the Hundred Years' War between France and England. Large swathes of France belonged to England in the 15th century. The tide was turned to France's advantage by troops under Joan of Arc, who was tried for treason and died at the stake in 1431 in Rouen.

The panoramic experience is rounded off with the accompanying music by film composer Eric Babak and sound effects reflecting the era and the setting in the scene.

This Panorama is currently not on display.