ROME 312 depicts the most magnificent capital of antiquity in 312 AD. The visitor experiences Emperor Constantine, who has defeated his rival Maxentius and – with his entourage in his wake – enters the teeming megacity as the sole ruler. According to legend, Constantine took the decision for the spread of Christianity on the eve of the battle, after a vision of the cross had appeared prophesying victory to him.

From the visitor's platform at the centre of the monumental 360° Panorama, the gaze – as from the Capitoline Hill – sweeps far out across the metropolis, over the throbbing life in the metropolis amidst temples, palaces, thermae (bath complexes), basilica and insulae (tenement blocks) all the way to the Alban Hills on the horizon. The picture was based on a historical 1886 Panorama.

The panoramic experience is rounded off with the accompanying music by film composer Eric Babak and sound effects reflecting the era and the setting in the scene.

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