Yadegar Asisi

Yadegar Asisi

A multidisciplinary team in Kreuzberg, Berlin helps Yadegar Asisi to implement his projects. Employees from the fields of composition, visual design, exhibition design, 3D modelling, matte painting, architecture, costume design, editing, project management and culture management perform much of the groundwork for the artist, thus playing a vital role in bringing the panoramas to life.

Studio asisi

Mathias Thiel
Authorised officer / Creative Director

Jörg Maulhardt
Authorised officer

Gabi Dreßler
Management Assistance

Karsten Grebe
Public Relations

Bianca Wohlfromm
Project Management

Ginny Lehmann
Project Management Architecture

Kaj Knüpfer

Sandra Knüpfer
Art Director

Denise Lüderitz
Print and Digital Media

Matthias Meye
3D Project Management

Manh Trung Doan
Research and Content Design

Alexander Stiller
Matte Painting

Dona Assisi
Matte Painting

Alexander Asisi
Matte Painting

Viola Völk
Costume Design and Matte Painting

Anke Pieritz
Accounting & Personnel Administration

Ahmed-Han Helle
Intern 3D modelling