Yadegar Asisi


Currently on show at

Since 2015 in Rouen

Quai de Boisguilbert
76 000 Rouen

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The Hope of Modernity

Yadegar Asisi depicts the advances made in painting during the Impressionist era. He drew inspiration from Claude Monet’s Rouen Cathedral series, which was painted between 1892 and 1894.

Asisi started by painting the cathedral square and its surrounding houses as they looked during the Belle Époque period. He then created the Impressionist-style panorama. Made entirely using oil painting techniques, Asisi uses bold dots and linear brush strokes that explode with colour, he traces the light as it falls on the scene and highlights the shadows as they are cast across the cathedral’s stone exterior and surrounding houses. This is a piece that combines dazzling sunlight, Stygian shadows, sculptured, pastose forms and two-dimensional surfaces. The scenery contains nods to contemporary artists who lived at the same time as Monet – both those who were inspired by him and those who criticised the new style. After the panorama was completed, the work was digitalised, magnified and printed on roles of fabric.

The accompanying exhibition is the gateway to a discussion of the period. The civil movement and technical innovations that resulted from this period – including oil paints in tubes and pre-produced canvases – fuelled debate and paved the way for new ideas and work practices. Watercolour paintings and sketches, as well as photos from the workshop, document the artistic process.

A filmed conversation with art theorist Bazon Brock reveals how Asisi’s ideas on time and place intertwine and touches on their relevance to today.


How did Yadegar Asisi come up with the idea of painting a panorama of the Impressionist era? The exhibition magazine and a 40-minute documentary provide insight into the background of the monumental work and show its creation and the artistic approach.

Composer for the panoramas by Yadegar Asisi

Since the pilot project, the panorama EVEREST, Yadegar Asisi has been working with the composer Eric Babak. The pianist and composer, born in Brussels and now living in London, started playing piano at the tender age of five years. Today, he is one of the most played composers in Europe. He has composed the music especially and exclusively for all the previous Asisi panoramas.

A major integral part of Eric Babak's work consists of harmonising the music in situ in the large Panorama room with the 360° image and the lighting in its day/night rhythm. For the general musical theme Babak develops for the panorama, individual scenes from the image are musically highlighted and acoustically assigned to the corresponding positions in the image. The productions with big orchestras and choirs in combination with everyday noises all enable the special atmosphere of the individual topic with its constant changes to be heard and experienced.