Yadegar Asisi


From 26 January 2019 on display at


Richard-Lehmann-Straße 114
04275 Leipzig

Tickets EUR 4 – 11.50

Open Tue – Fri from 10 am to 5 pm
Sat, Sun, public holidays from 10 am to 6 pm


A Return to Paradise

This panorama takes you on a journey to the microcosmos. Look out on a German garden from the pistil of a chamomile blossom. From the perspective of a grain of pollen, visitors can observe a giant bee as it pollinates the flower and discover the universe behind a flower calyx – the garden. A familiar world will unfold before your eyes in a completely new way, as if under a gigantic microscope. But unlike in a laboratory, it is the world around you that is depicted to be one hundred times its real size.

The fascinating foreign scenery is distinguished by the captivating mechanics, shapes and textures of the giant flower petals and stamens, as well as huge insects and other garden inhabitants. Get a whole new insight into the planet and view the unique diversity of life in a new light.

Asisi’s giant artwork CAROLA'S GARDEN launches a series dedicated to the different ways we perceive the world, new perspectives and unknown universes. A garden on the edge of Leipzig sets the scene. Yadegar Asisi created this world with the help of nanophotographer Stefan Diller and biologist Mirko Wölfling. The panorama employs state-of-the-art techniques such as nanophotography, macro photography, scanning electron microscopy and focus stacking to get images with even greater depth of field.