The focus of TITANIC is less on the actual disaster itself in 1912 than rather the sinking of the luxury liner as an example for the hubris of man, who attempts to dominate nature with his creative efforts and thus fails.

The viewpoint of the observer is set some 3,800 metres below the surface of the water at the level of the shipwreck. An artificial light scenario allows the visitor to discover the tragic proportions of this disaster. Recognisable are both the wreck, broken into two pieces, and the vast amount of furniture, furnishings, technical equipment and luggage surrounding it.

Asisi intends this Panorama to awaken a fascination for the grandiose engineering achievement while posing the question of the mastering of nature. At the same time, with his presentation of the broken wreck, Asisi draws attention to the finite nature of human existence and actions.

This project is currently in the planning phase and will be on display at Panometer Leipzig in January 2017.