In this Panorama, Yadegar Asisi plunges into the baroque heyday of the Saxon metropolis. The artistic snapshot compresses the Augustan Epoch (ca. 1695 to 1760): aristocratic splendour and the exuberant daily life of its citizens, merchants, Elbe barge towers, handmaids and craftsmen are rendered tangible in a richly detailed and multifaceted manner.

Inspired by Canaletto's painting, Asisi, himself a former student of architecture in Dresden, succeeded in reconstructing the baroque city in this artwork and breathing life into it. In the squares and narrow streets, historical personalities, including Tsar Peter I, the porcelain inventor Böttger and the court jester Fröhlich, as well as the arrival of the Sistine Madonna, are waiting to be discovered. The nocturnal phase also reveals enchanting insights. The panoramic experience is rounded off with the accompanying music by film composer Eric Babak and sound effects reflecting the era and the setting in the scene.